The Africa Digital Rights’ Hub is a not-for-profit think tank registered in Ghana that advances and promotes research and advocacy on digital rights across the African continent. Interested in the impact of digital technology on people living in the Continent, the Hub brings together academic researchers, stakeholders, policy makers, regional and international bodies to address digital rights issues in Africa.

Our goal is to promote ‘afro-centric’ solutions by empirical evidence gathered through research. The objective is to ensure that Africans are not left behind or exploited in the protection and guarantee of fundamental rights in the digital age.


The Hub’s aim is to set up a center that facilitates African-led research into digital rights issues to help adopt solutions (policy/legal) that are best suitable for our peculiar problems and to build capacity for the whole Continent.


Africa Digital Rights’ Hub operates under four thematic areas:

  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Online Child Protection
  • Intellectual Property

To reach the various goals of the aforementioned areas, the Hub runs the following programs:

  • Government Engagement and Policy Advocacy
  • Capacity Building, Advocacy, Sensitization and Awareness
  • Research and Publications
  • Resource Hub

Our objectives include the following:

  • Research on ICT Policies and legal regimes, as well as their impact on African citizens and businesses
  • Research on the impact of technology and digital rights for sustainable development in Africa.
  • Promoting digital rights across Africa through research, dialogue, and capacity building.
  • Raising awareness on digital rights in Africa.
  • Providing policy and legal support to enable indigenous African ICT businesses to thrive.
  • Protection and guarantee of rights associated with the use, creation, publication, and development of computers, electronics or communications networks and systems across Africa.