About us

The African Digital
Rights Hub

We are a not-for-profit “think and action tank” that promotes pan-African research and capacity building on digital rights. 

Interested in the impact of digital technology on people living on the continent, the Hub brings together academic researchers, stakeholders, policymakers, regional and international bodies to address digital rights issues in Africa. We generate and accelerate innovative ideas and solutions unique to Africa. In addition, we enable partnerships to scale activities and engage with key organisations across the continent.

ADRH operates under five thematic areas:
  • Data Governance
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Online Child Protection
  • Intellectual Property
African Solutions

Ensure the African context is applied to address problems.


Build strong partnerships with a positive impact.


Advance the development of digital rights policies.


Focus on shared solutions that apply numerous perspectives.


Promote and facilitate openness on digital rights


Recognition and guarantee of the digital rights of citizens

Our Mission

Facilitate African solutions on data governance and emerging digital technologies while ensuring the digital rights of all citizens

Our Vision

To be Africa’s most influential and trustworthy source of information and support on digital rights

We view African digital rights as human rights for the 21st century. We define them as fundamental rights that enable access, use, creation, and publication via digital technologies. African citizens need to be able to develop, access, and create technology safely, without fear of consequence, and in a manner that generates and maintains opportunities for all. Digital rights are a global issue, but we recognise that as with human rights, the solutions and problems can be different across continents, regions, and nations. Africa needs its own processes for ensuring these rights are enshrined across the continent.
Data is a commodity for the 21st century. It is an important tool for the African economy that must be used responsibly and offer significant opportunities for citizens. Importantly, we must ensure data is developed, managed, and used judiciously to ensure Africa benefits. We believe in a balance between protecting data and its use for economic and global good. We believe both themes fall under data governance. Data governance is the management of data so that it recognises the right to protect sensitive information and the privacy of citizens, while also ensuring that data can be used effectively in governments and across businesses to improve the lives of Africans and deliver economic growth. ADRH sets out to work with local stakeholders who understand the capacity building and expertise required across the continent to ensure Africans are not harmed and can benefit from the global technological revolution.
There is a rapid change in what constitutes data and technology taking place. ADRH recognises the need to be flexible and stay on top of the constant innovation taking place globally so that Africa does not fall behind. It is important that we maintain links with technology experts around the globe to identify emerging threats and opportunities to the use of data and technology that could impact Africans in the future. One example is Artificial Intelligence, which could alter the conversation around what data includes and what technology can do. We must ensure we are keeping Africa informed about technological advancements, how it impacts the nature and use of data and how that influences the digital rights of Africans.