What We Do

ADRH currently works across four thematic areas and does so through work done across four delivery channels. The organisation seeks to operate as a think and action center that facilitates African-led research into digital rights matters, help build the capacity of government and business and provide support to other CSOs to address the important topics.

How We Succed

ADRH operates as a hybrid between a “doing” and “enabling” organisation. It prioritises multi-stakeholder approaches, bringing together academics, other CSOs, policy makers and regional and international bodies. We target the most important initiatives by working with actors to identify priority objectives and supporting other influencers to deliver mandates. At the same time, ADRH increasingly looks to carry out its own initiatives in areas of expertise, always seeking collaboration wherever possible.

Multi-Stakeholder Planning

Develop a multi-stakeholder approach for implementing activities and set guidelines and objectives.


Complete projects and/or support stakeholders in the execution of strategic priorities across their operations with bilateral and multilateral donors.