A lawyer, Data Protection Consultant and Executive Director of Africa Digital Rights Hub, Ms Teki Akuetteh has shared the importance of recognizing that the world is interconnected through technology and data. According to her, Covid-19 has emphasised the fact that no country is an island, and what happens to one affects us all.

She made this assertion at the ongoing Internet Governance Forum happening in Poland.

Sharing her views at the High-Level Leaders Track on the topic, “Global Economic Recovery – Where are we at?”, Ms Teki Akuetteh emphasized on the importance of recognising that our world is more connected than we position it to be.

“Technology will play a key role on the road to economic recovery. It is therefore imperative that the world comes together in addressing the issues of technological advancement and transformation, internet connectivity, access, and reaching the under-served and un-served populations especially from communities like Africa”, she stated.

On how we can achieve economic recovery through the internet, she added that, “Our road to recovery must include a deliberate effort to bring the poor and rural communities along. And our approach must involve them.”


Teki Akuetteh is a senior partner at Nsiah Akuetteh & Co. a law firm based in Accra. She is currently the founder and Executive Director of Africa Digital Rights Hub, an NGO that promotes digital rights issues in Africa. She is a speaker at the ongoing IGF 2021 meeting which is currently hosting innovative discussions and interesting activities for young programmers and technology enthusiasts around the world.

Source: justicaanima.com

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